Attendance is important at Collins.  We work hard to keep our attendance above 97

percent.  Our school goal is to have every student in class every day, except when illness re-

quires absence.  Those children who have perfect attendance will receive recognition each

nine weeks.


                If a child is absent, parents are asked to contact the attendance office between 7:30

 and 10:00 a.m. on the day he/she must be absent and contact the student’s teacher for make up

work.  Students are responsible to make-up all missed work.


                State law (TEC 25.092) requires that students attend classes for at least 90 percent of the

day that class is offered.  Otherwise, the student will not receive credit for the class except as

provided by (TEC 25.092).  Students absent more than eight days a semester, EXCUSED or

UNEXCUSED, may not receive credit for the school year.  Students who are in danger of losing

credit due to attendance will be placed on a Principal’s Plan to meet the instructional requirements

of the class.


                If the absence is not called in the actual day the student is absent, it will be marked unexcused

until a doctor’s note is brought in the next day.  (On the third unexcused absence in a 4 week period,

parents will receive a court warning.  If a court warning is issued any absences thereafter must be

accompanied by a doctor’s note.  Paperwork may be filed for court after further unexcused absences.)


                Medical excuses- A student may be excused from outside activity during P.E., if necessary for a  

maximum of 3 days, with a written note from the parent.  A doctor’s excuse is necessary for a period of

more than 3 days.  A student with a P.E. excuse will still attend P.E. class, but will be provided alternative

indoor activities.