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Collins Elementary School

as a Professional Learning Community will provide

all students the necessary instruction and support to

promote exemplary student achievement.






      The teachers, staff and administration at Collins strive to provide an atmosphere where all students can develop and maintain a high standard of achievement.  We believe that success in school is shared responsibility.  The school, parents and students working together, will succeed in attaining a positive atmosphere.  We want you to know we are happy to have your child at Collins Elementary.





                               Prekindergarten                                     Kindergarten – 5th Grade

                               7:45 – 10:45 A.M.                                                 7:45 - 300     

                               12:00 – 3:00 P.M.


      All tardy students must report to the office for a tardy slip before entering the classroom.  It is important to be in the classroom on time to receive instruction.

     Children, should not be on campus before 7:15 a.m.  All students are to be at their designated place in the morning.  In the afternoon when they are dismissed it is necessary that they leave the

grounds promptly.  There is on-site daycare available after school.  Primary students are not to wait for older siblings.  Students who remain at school too long will have parents notified, and necessary Child Protective Services or the police.











     Attendance is important at Collins.  We work hard to keep our attendance above 97 percent.  Our school goal is to have every student in class every day, except when illness requires absence.  Those children who have perfect attendance will receive recognition each nine weeks.


      If a child is absent, parents are asked to contact the attendance office between 7:30 and 10:00 a.m. on the day he/she must be absent and contact the student’s teacher fro make up work.  Students are responsible to make-up all missed work.

     State law (TEC 25.092) requires that students attend classes for at least 90 percent of the days the class is offered.  Otherwise, the student will not receive credit for the class except as provided by (TEC 25.092).  Students absent more than eight days a semester, EXCUSED or UNEXCUSED, may not receive credit for the school year.  Students who are in danger of losing credit due to attendance will be placed on a Principal’s Plan to meet the instructional requirements of the class.


     If the absence is not called in the actual day the student is absent, it will be unexcused unless a doctor’s note is brought in the next day.  (On the third unexcused absence parents will receive a court warning.  If a court warning is issued any absences thereafter must be accompanied by a doctor’s note.  Paperwork may be filed for court after further unexcused absences.)



                                                            REQUESTED ABSENCES



     A requested absence which cannot be classified as excused but for which in the judgments of the principal is necessary may be allowed.  Requests should be submitted in advance.  Requested absences may include but not be limited to the following:  Requested absences are limited to 3 a year.          

  1.  Attendance at a funeral

  2.  Legal business

         a.  Medical, psychological, or dental care
         b  .
Legal business

  Note:  Written verification of the above appointments are required.

     3.   Participation in activities sponsored by civic or other outside
            organization for which, in 
the opinion of the principal, there is an educational             value related to the student’s academic program.     

Absence must have prior principal approval.  (Limited to 3 days per school year)

Court appearance
Family emergencies







    After 3 unexcused tardies students will serve after school detention.  The detention will be served every time there is an unexcused tardy after the three first unexcused tardies. 






   Please note attendance is recorded at 10:00 a.m.  Students present at 10:00 are considered present all day.  Students not present at 10:00 are considered absent all day.  If a student starts the school day and leaves for an appointment or returns after an appointment, a note from the health care center is necessary in order for your child to be marked present for that day.

     If here is a family emergency that involves leaving town, emergency absence request must be approved by the principal or assistant principal before leaving town.  Any student leaving the school during school hours must be signed out in the office by a parent or guardian who is listed on the emergency card.  A picture ID is necessary.  Absolutely no student is to leave the grounds without permission from the office.






    This year we will have several types of emergency drills.  Children will be taught how to stay safe during a variety of emergencies.







     A parent or guardian must come to the school to pick up and sign out a student.  Students cannot be sent home alone.  We will not release children to persons not listed on the emergency card or pick up list unless the parent has notified the office in advance.  A picture ID will be required for persons picking up children.













Breakfast will not be served in the classroom from 7:45 to 8:00 a.m.


Breakfast will no longer be served in the cafeteria.  Lunch is provided free of charge for all students.

Some students may choose to bring a sack lunch.







  1. Walk in the cafeteria.

  2. Wait quietly in line to get our food and sit at your assigned table.

  3. Talk in a quiet voice and stay seated.

  4. Use good manners while eating.

  5. Clean up after yourself. 

  6. Treat all others with respect.


Pack carefully!  When packing school lunches, glass containers are not permitted.  All food must be kept in the cafeteria.  No left over food may be taken from the cafeteria.






     Collins School follows the mandatory discipline code.  At the beginning of school, parents receive a copy of the school district’s policies, Discipline Management Plan:  A Student Code of Conduct.  Parents are asked to sign the acknowledgment page, indicating they are aware of its existence and have read the code of conduct.  Please return this page to your child’s teacher so that it can be kept on file for the school year.  Teachers will utilize a discipline plan in each classroom.  The plan shall consist of class rules, consequences for severe disruptions, and rewards for appropriate behavior.

     Collins School is committed to the goal of providing students with a quality educational program which encourages the acquisition, exchange, and application of ideas.  We believe that all students can behave appropriately and we will work cooperatively with parents and students to achieve this goal.






    La Escuela Collins sigue las reglas de diciplina.  Al principio de ano, los padres reciben una copia de las polizas, Plan de Diciplina:  El Plan de Conducta Esudiantil.  Se le require a los padres que firmen la ultima pagina verificando que han leido y comprendido el Codigo de Conducta.  Por favor regrese la forma a la maestro/o de su hijo/a lo mas pronto possible.

     La Escuela Collins se compromete a darle a sus hijo/a una education de calidad para intercambiar ideas.  Esta meta se cumplira solo porque se lo merecen.  Las maestras usaran el plan de diciplina en cada clase.  El plan consite de reglas, consequencias de interupciones y premios por buen comportamiento.

     Creemos que todos los estudiantes pueden comportarse apropiadamente y nosotros trabajaremos con los padres y los estudiantes para llegar a nuestra meta.







     Students will be held responsible and strictly accountable for any damage or destruction to furniture, books, or any part of the school buildings or property.  Parents will be charged for damage or destruction caused by students.  Acts of vandalism are punishable by law and parents are held responsible for damage or destruction caused by their children.






     School board policy gives parents the responsibility of deciding what is appropriate wear, but also charges the administration and teachers with banning any clothing that is considered indecent or suggestive, which constitutes a health or safety hazard, or which would interfere with the instructional program.  We ask your cooperation in helping students develop appropriate standards of dress and grooming.  Shorts are allowed.  Walking shorts or Bermuda shorts are the acceptable length.  The following are not allowed:  shirts with inappropriate slogans or advertising, tank tops, heels, halters, make-up, short shorts, high heels, extra-large pants, or shirts.  Piercing is only allowed on ears.









  1. Walk quietly and directly in an orderly manner.  NO RUNNING

  2. Be on time and prepared to work.

  3. Show courtesy and respect to everyone.

  4. Respect property and keep our school neat and clean,

  5. Listen to and follow directions.

  6. Keep hands, feet and all other objects to yourselves.


We believe that our teachers motivate children to be successful and help them think positively about themselves and the school.  Self-respect and respect for others are our major goals.







ABSENCES - Parents should call the office on the day of the absence.  Students should bring a written excuse for the absence to their teacher.


ANIMALS – Animals are not permitted on campus.  This includes leashed dogs.


BICYCLES – No bicycles, rollerblades or scooters are allowed on campus.


CAFETERIA – Students are to exhibit their best manners in the cafeteria.  The rules are posted.  Use the restroom before going out to the playground to play.  Students will be required to call home before borrowing money for lunch.


INCLEMENT WEATHER - During inclement weather, all students should enter the cafeteria in the morning.


SUPPLIES – Supplies are to be kept in the classroom.  No supplies are to leave the classroom, especially scissors and writing implements.


Telephone – Students are not permitted to use the telephone except in the event of an emergency.  Students are not allowed to call home for forgotten books, homework, or supplies.


TEXTBOOKS – All textbooks must be covered.  Students will be fined each day books are not covered.  Fines will be charged for lost and damaged books.  Lost books must be paid for before a new book is issued.







  The El Paso Independent School District system has a numerical grading system for grades 2-5.



                                                 90 - 100                       A

80 -   89                       B

75-    79                       C

70 -   74                       D

Below 70 is failing



     Frequent contact and cooperation between the home and school are important factors in a student’s success.  Parents are encouraged to visit the school throughout the year.  Making an appointment with the teacher is least one day in advance is not only a courtesy, but also enables you to schedule the visits for maximum benefit.  When your child’s academic grades have dropped below passing, you will be notified in writing by a three week progress report send by his/her teacher.  A parent/teacher conference can be arranged and is encouraged.  Each teacher has a 45 minute conference period.  Teacher conferences may be scheduled Mon., Tues., Thur., and Fri.  Teachers cannot stop to confer with parents during their instructional time.  Should you need, or wish to see a teacher, please call the school office to arrange and appointment.  Teachers are asked to have at least one conference per semester with each student’s parent.


     Our academic program is based on these characteristics of a Professional Learning Community


                                                -Teacher collaboration

                                                -Focus on results

                                                -Intervention for struggling learners



  At Collins school we have students in the pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  In addition, the special education program consists of BIC, speech & resource classes.  Our school also serves bilingual students.  Students qualified for gifted instruction are eligible for the School wide Enrichment Program.  Our DRD Program (Dyslexia and Related Disorders) serves eligible students in grades 2-5.  Students have instruction in language arts, math, social studies, science, music, art, and physical education.  The library-media center and computer lab are a vital part of all our programs.









     We ask that you notify the school office at least two days prior to departure so that the necessary paper work may be completed.





     It is extremely important that we are able to reach you when necessary.  Always keep your child’s emergency card current.  Please notify us immediately of any changes in your address, telephone number, employment, work telephone number, or emergency number.





     Two classroom parties are allowed per year.  Classes usually have a winter vacation party and an end of the school year party.





     Parent cooperation in limiting the amount of unnecessary items brought to school, such as toys, dolls, music equipment, recorders, sunglasses, etc. is greatly appreciated.  These tend to interfere with the learning process.  Items brought to school will be collected by the teacher or administrative staff.  These items will be returned to parents coming by to retrieve them.  No bicycles, roller blades, scooters or skateboards are allowed at school.





     Each child must assume responsibility for all school supplies and books assigned to him/her, as well as all of his/her personal belongings.  Parents are encouraged to label all items, including lunch boxes.  If your child has lost an item, please check the Lost and Found in the front office.





     Collins School has a very active Parent/Teacher Association.  We encourage all parents to become members and active participants. 

     The P.T.A. meet each month in the cafeteria.  All meetings are at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise noted. 



Dress - There is no time or facilities for students to change before or after P.E. Students should dress in clothing that allows for maximum participation in the classes. Appropriate shoes need to be worn. Providing sun screen for your child is a good idea as most of our classes are held outside. Wearing hats during P.E. Is allowed when needed for sun Protection.


Medical excuses – A student may be excused from P.E., if necessary, for a maximum of 3 days, with a written note from the parent. A doctor excuse is necessary for a period of more than 3 days. A Student with a P.E. Excuse will also be required to remain indoors during the P.E. period and lunch break.




A nurse is on duty to attend to those children who become ill or injured during school. Time. If your child is ill, it is wise to keep him/her at home until he/she is feeling well enough to attend class.


Please inform the office, the nurse, and/or teachers if there is a health problem of which we need to be aware so that proper precautions can be taken.


We must keep all medication in the office. A signed medication for must be completed for each medication brought to school, authorizing school personnel to administer the medication. Only medications prescribed by a licensed United States physician may be administered. All prescription medication must be kept in the original container. Students needing medication during the school day are required to bring the medicine at the beginning of the school day to the school nurse or the office. Please stress to your child that he/she is not to keep any drugs in his/her own possession. This is for your child's and other children safety. Children are responsible for taking medication on time.




At the beginning of the year, parents will be supplied with a list of items needed for their child's grade level. Students are expected to have the necessary supplies for school each day. These supplies should be clearly labeled with the child's name.





Textbook are state owned and issued to the students free of charge. Students are required by law to keep their issued textbooks covered at all times. Failure to have books covered can result in a fine. Lost textbooks will be paid for in the office. If a book is damaged, the student may be assessed a fine or the full price of the book.. Once a textbook is issued to to a student he/she is responsible for what happens to that book.




The Volunteer Program is designed to have parents participate in the education process of our school. VIPS (Volunteers in Public Schools) are used to help in the classroom, in the office, and serve as auxiliary campus aides and tutors. This greatly helps functioning of the school Parental involvement at all levels of public education enriches learning experiences for our children.. Hourly employees of EPISD are not eligible to volunteer.



Visitors to the campus must check in through the office. For the security of our students and staff, outside doors remain locked from the outside.



The library is open from 7:30 am. To 4:00 pm. Daily. Students in first through fifth grades may check out books to take home. Parents are also encouraged to check out books. Two books may be checked out at a time and there will be a fine for damaged, or lost books.



The El Paso ISD does not discriminate in its educational programs or employment practices on the basis of race, color religion, sex national origin, age disability, military status, genetic information, or on any other basis prohibited by law. Inquiries concerning the application of Title VI, VII, and IX, and Section 504 may be referred to the District Compliance Officer, Patricia Cortez, at 230-2033, 504 inquiries regarding students may be referred to Cecilia Whiteman at 230-2836.


El Districto Escolar independiente de El Paso no discrinima en los programas de education o en practices de empleo basando se en la raza, color, religion, sexo, origin nacional , edad, encapacidad, estado military, u otra prohibido por la ley. Preguntas acerea de la aplicacion del titulo VI, VII,y IX, y la Seccion 504 Puend ser referidas al official de cuplimiento del district, Patricia Cortez, al 230-2033: preguntas sobre 504 tocante a estudiantes pueden ser referidas a Cecilia Whiteman al 230-2836.